Study Visa

A special endorsement that is added to a passport that governments issue to students who are enrolled at qualified educational institutions. Student visas are non-immigrant visas that do not require the holder to obtain citizenship. Any prospective student seeking higher education in another country must obtain a student visa for that country. Most countries will issue student visas in order to allow foreign students to attend school within their borders. However, in most cases the student must be enrolled at a postsecondary institution of higher learning. Foreign exchange students must therefore usually obtain a different type of visa, such as for temporary residence.

We are providing a wide range of services for our clients for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe, Cyprus & Singapore:>/p> • Assisting students to find a right course and right institute to match the course.
• We can arrange for your temporary accommodation overseas.
• We can arrange your airport pick up, so that you are not stranded in the new country.
• We assist you all the way during your student visa including extending your student visa.