Dependent Visa

JP Immigration Services provide VISA services for Dependent VISAS. A person is dependent on another person if the person is wholly or substantially reliant on the other person for financial support to fulfill basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, In case person willing to travel/transfer abroad comes under Dependent VISA category. Dependent Visa include children, spouses, civil partners and same sex partners. Our abroad VISA service for Spouse VISA, Dependent VISA, Family VISA and Child VISA comes under the category of Dependent VISA. Dependent VISA application is simple and success depends on the genuine intent and proper documentation. As far as family VISA is concerned this is split into several sub-categories providing information. With the introduction of new changes to the Immigration rules on a regular bases, sometimes it become tedious to live together for Immigrants families. Ou team guide you through proper information, guidelines and assistance. We assist you and ensure that you meet all the Immigration requirements.